Certified Verifiers Directory

Certified Verifiers are employed by Builders to provide a third party certification of the standards required to meet a specified level for the certification program. 
ONLY Builders are to contact verifiers, not homeowners.
The following links will provide a current list of authorized verifiers in Delaware as published by each program on their website.

NGBS Verifiers Listing
 (be sure to select Delaware in the drop down menu at that link)

Leed for New Construction
This will take you to the GBCI website to register a leed project.

Energy Star 3.0 http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=bldrs_lenders_raters.nh_rater

Resnet  Raters  http://www.resnet.us/directory/search/searchtype/contractor/zip/19901/page/1
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