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We no longer require W-9's as rebates are not taxable ,

Based on Code Section 136 (a), gross income shall not include the value of any subsidy provided by a public utility to a customer for the purchase or installation of any energy conservation measures.

Updated Rules and Terms of the Delaware Green for Green Program 1 15 2015.pdf



These items need to be completed and sent . No Package  will be accepted unless all forms and required paperwork is complete and has required signatures.

Required Paperwork for a Complete Rebate Application is as follows:
  • Completed online application
  • Signed Rules and terms  (Both Builder and Buyer must sign)

Also required for the Non Profit Builders

  • Copy of  their 501 C3 IRS determination letter submitted one time along with Rules and Terms when Builder application is done.

Required Paperwork for a Complete Submission Packet  is as follows:

    Signed HUD -1

    Copy of Green certificate for home

    Verifier/Rater Invoice or PO to builder

   Signature page from verifiers report and HERS score if available

    Payment of $350.00 administration fee.


   For now checks are being hand cut and mailed so you will not need to send voided checks


The rebates will be submitted for funding once all required paperwork has been received by the Program administrator  at the HBA/DE. Funding submissions are done twice a month and once submitted checks will be cut and mailed by the SEU office within 5-7 days.

Approved Builders may use the Green for Green Logo for advertising and promotion, provided the use of the logo conforms with the guidelines in the terms and conditions of the program.  Any inappropriate use of the logo or misrepresentation of the program may result in your loss of eligibility to participate in the rebate program on behalf of your homes or your clients.

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