What do I need to do to qualify for a rebate?

You will need to consult with your builder to determine which green features to your new home will meet the minimum criteria to achieve  certification  in the National Green Building Standard , LEED, Energy Star or Resnet for Homes program.  Buyers may not apply directly for this rebate.  Only builders are eligible to participate in this program on behalf of their clients who meet the guidelines of the program.

If you are planning on purchasing a green home, speak with your builder about this before you purchase! 
The resources at this web site can get you started:






Who determines whether the home meets the certification requirements?

The programs require that a qualified, independent third party inspect the project and verify that all green design or construction practices that the builder claims toward a green certification are actually incorporated into the project.

Note:  Not all properties will be eligible for this rebate program, based on location.  Only homes built in designated growth areas (levels 1-3 according to the Strategies for State Policies and Spending) qualify for the rebate.  Builders may submit level 4 properties for a determination if one of the specific exceptions apply to their property.  Exceptions for level 4 are granted based on specific exceptions listed on the Builder FAQ page. 


Can I use my own builder?

Any builder is eligible for Green certification, as long as they comply with all practices necessary to achieve certification in the National Green Building Standard , LEED for Homes program, Energy Star 3.0 or RESNET Hers Rated at the rebate level they apply for.


Can I get a rebate on upgrades to my existing home?

This program is only available for new construction homes prior to settlement.  Ask your builder about programs for energy retrofits to existing homes.


How long do I need to wait to get the rebate?

Funds are issued  to the home purchaser after closing. If a home goes to settlement prior to the builder applying and being approved for a specific rebate for that specific home, then that home does not qualify for the program.

What are the Terms & Conditions of this Program?

A signed copy of the terms and conditions is required to be submitted by the builder with each rebate application.  This form also requires the signature of the home buyers in order for the rebate application to be processed and funded.  The Updated Rules and Terms of the Delaware Green for Green Program 1 15 2015.pdf     are available for your review.

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