Rebate Application Processing & Status Reports

  New applications are being accepted on Feb 15 2013.  To check the status of those applicants accepted into to the program, the following status report pages have been added to the website to help to better inform the home buyers of their funding status.

The following is a list of all status categories available and all accepted participants are in one of these categories. 

  •  Paid Rebates (see list)
    These are buyers who have settled and completed all requirements and have received rebate already

  • Closed/ Certified ready to submit (see list)
    These are homes that have closed are certified and ready to be submitted

  • New Rebate Applications (see list)
    These applicants need to submit a complete application packet to secures rebate for buyers/Non profit builder

  • Complete Application Pending Certificate/Closing (see list)
    These have submitted a complete application packet and need to submit a final certificate from the appropriate Certification Program , HUD 1 and( verifier invoices for builder reimbursement of verifiers cost up to $500.00) in order to have the buyer/Non profit builder receive their rebate.

  • Certified Closed/Submitted for funding (see list)
    These rebate applicants have met all requirements and a rebate has been requested on their behalf.  Once this status is achieved rebate mailed to buyers/Non profit builders account within 30 days.

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